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Explosive Cupcakes!

Mass. woman says TSA confiscated frosted cupcake |

Well, that’s the excuse.

The icing’s like a gel, and gels could be explosive, so cupcakes are banned on flights.

Thing is, the same cupcakes were cleared at another airport. Isn’t about time the TSA started showing some consistency?

My Sugguestion

TSA Warns of Surgically Implanted Bombs –

Here’s how we screen for internal bombs, we have a universal triggering device set up, and when people walk through a designated area we set it off. If the subject has a bomb he goes boom. If he doesn’t, he doesn’t

We’ll have to set up a [...]

How Observant

TSA Cuts No Slack for ‘Special Needs’ Man and His Plastic Toy Hammer

TSA agents basically harassed a profoundly disabled man because they could. The man in question registered as a prey item in their minds, so they treated him as prey.

That’s what the TSA is looking for, prey. They have no other goal, [...]

It Just Occurred to Me

That the real purpose behind the new intrusive screening measures is to get us so upset with authority that we will rise in rebellion and overthrow the establishment.

Which might be crediting our government with more wisdom than it has.

An Open Letter Regarding the TSA

When everybody is criminal scum it becomes easier to abuse them. [...]

When We’re All Guilty

Amputees and TSA Scans

This is what happens when the authorities sees us all as guilty of some crime or another.

Stay home this Christmas.

Help Your Friendly TSA

To be honest here, the odds are you won’t be asked to go through the body scanners, or go through an enhanced pat down. But, so long as there is the possibility there is one thing you can do.

The purpose of the scan and the pat down is to learn if you are carrying [...]

I Aint No Lawyer…

Ohio Woman Outraged by TSA Pat-Down: ‘She Sexually Assaulted Me’ | The Blaze.

…but, the above sounds like grounds for a civil rights suit to me.

A Rebellion Begins

TSA ejects Oceanside man from airport for refusing security check –

He’s not the first, and he’s getting a fair amount of publicity.

His name is John Tyner, and he’s sort of a local. He lives in the city of Oceanside in the north county, and he works in programming. You can read his [...]