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Conversation Between Yours Truly and a Proponent of Political Correctness

And let’s not forget negros, who are unable to fend for themselves. [...]

Pressing Questions

iowahawk: Questions, So Many Questions.

The fun part comes when you take each question seriously. As Iowahawk himself says; seriously dude, WTF?

More Snark From the Master

MORE BUMPER STICKERS. « Dr. Boli’s Celebrated Magazine..

Personal Fave: Don’t assume I share your prejudices, I have my own prejudices, thank you very much.

You Just Had the Feeling

Dr. Boli on Muammar Khadaffi

Help Your Friendly TSA

To be honest here, the odds are you won’t be asked to go through the body scanners, or go through an enhanced pat down. But, so long as there is the possibility there is one thing you can do.

The purpose of the scan and the pat down is to learn if you are carrying [...]

The Blog | The Blaze

As the line goes, “What is happening in his head, I wish I knew, I wish I knew.”

HT: The Blaze

Mythusmage’s Lexicon

Pundit: A person with a pathological fear of admitting to ignorance.

She’s Got Nuttin’

You know, I’ve had it with all this blather about what Christine O’Donnell once muddled in or into, I once played a priest of Chauntea who later went through a sex change. Top that, woman!

Well I have a Theory…

CliveStaples has This theory…

I have a theory: the set of all Rabid O’Donnell supporters is a subset of the people who thought Sarah Palin would win the election for McCain.

Well I have a theory, that the set of people suffering from PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome) is a subset of those convinced Barack Obama [...]

FINAL EXAM. « Dr. Boli’s Celebrated Magazine.



The exam key you’ve all been waiting for. Key Graph…

For answers relevant to Jewish, Hindu, Hinayana Buddhist, Mahayana Buddhist, Wiccan, Mormon, Gnostic, or Waldorf Schools, please see Supplement no. 498.

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