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Bearing Down

UK riots: Daniel Sartain-Clarke’s family first to be evicted by Wandsworth Council | Mail Online.

The rioters did one very stupid thing, they pissed people off. In recent years we’ve tended to think of the British as being a timid people, ready to accept any sort of oppression in the name of public safety. That [...]



The riots in Britain were made possible by the belief that not only can the government handle everything, that government must handle everything. The riots were made possible by control freaks, and they shall only end when the control freaks are tossed out on their collective asses.

And With This Passing

Whiskey’s Place: England Falls.

I don’t agree with the ultimate conclusion, at the moment, but I can see where Britain could end up a divided occupied land. Strong action needs to be taken, and the authorities have not the will to resist. Even if the riots are somehow suppressed the current government has spent itself [...]


You’ll know things have gotten a lot worse in Britain when they start reporting rapes in connection with the rioting.

A Timeline

London and UK riots day three aftermath: live coverage | UK news |

Here is a timeline of reports regarding the London riots. You’ll note that apparently there is no need to keep updating the post. Such optimism seems to me more than a bit misplaced, and I think the Guardian will find itself [...]

Wretchard’s Thoughts


via Belmont Club » Youth.

Wretchard of Belmont Club has a few thoughts on the rioting in Britain. They are succinct and pertinent and speak much to the causes and the possible outcome. Britain faces the possibility of collapse unless the government can get her act together and respond in a meaningful and effective [...]

In Further News

UK riots 2011: London and Birmingham people forced to strip naked in the street | Mail Online.

Here are pictures from Birmingham, including one shot where a youth is forced to strip by a rioter. You can be sure that such scenes will get a reaction, up to and including counter violence when the British [...]

Bearing Down

London riots: Police use armoured vehicles to clear streets | UK news |

Looks like the British are getting serious about the rioting. How much further it goes depends on how the rioters react to the government’s actions.