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Old News Made New

Bill Keller’s Convenient Omission | The Daily Caller.

I do believe the same arguments Mr. Kaus makes were used to justify limiting immigration in the first place.


Sometimes a bunny is just a bunny | Pharyngula.

You recall the post just below, which links to another post on science vs. religion. It seems some people got upset because the foolish bunny is in a dress. What this says about the creator is unknowable, but apparently some people are certain he (if we’re [...]

This is the Post I Refered to Below

Althouse: “My gay kids are more fun than my straight ones.”.

It exhibits a bigotry and bias that makes me wonder why I ever thought Anne Althouse was worth my time and my attention. It shows a homophobia that makes Michele Bachman look open and accepting,

To keep this short and to the point, Anne [...]

Anne, Not Thinking About What She Doesn’t Think About

Althouse: “The Undefeated” — that movie about Sarah Palin — unwittingly shows why she’s not a good candidate for President..

What Anne Althouse demonstrates here is a depth of bigotry and short sightedness that would dismay a leftist.

I haven’t seen The Undefeated, and I don’t think I ever will, but one thing I am [...]

This is Wisdom

The “Ground Zero mosque” debate is about tolerance—and a whole lot more

The mistake many Muslims make is in confusing Judaism and Christianity with, say, Wicca and Hinduism. When referring to a Christian or Jew infidel refers to the Christian or Jew’s refusal to accept Mohammed as a prophet of God. The Christian, for instance, [...]

Oh Them Awful Faggots

neo-neocon » Blog Archive » Judge Walker and the evidence.

So according to Neoneocon’s way of thinking, childless marriages are unnatural and accordingly invalid.  Be sure to read the comments as well, for bigotry and hate inform them as much as they inform the original post.

I agree with Glenn Beck, it harms me not [...]

Why I’m Dropping Patterico’s Pontifications From the Blogroll

Patterico’s Pontifications » We Have Been Lied to About the Gay Marriage Case.


Them Niggers is Dumb

Stereotyping, liberal bigots can do it too. [...]