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Zombie » Ideological War Spells Doom for America’s Schoolkids.

This is part one of a five part series on education in America, and how extremists on both sides are degrading the enterprise. Part two is also up, and part three should be following tomorrow.

The point of the essays is that education is being debased in support of one cause or another. True believers say their view of subjects is the only valid one, and that it is good to engage in propaganda rather than presenting an honest look at the subject. Whether the cause be creationism or political correctness, radical conservative and radical liberal alike are acting to make life more difficult for our school children now and in the future.

Reagan said famously that extremism in pursuit of the good is no vice. People forget that extremism is also used in pursuit of the wrong. When that is the case it is a vice, a sin of commission against the good and the true. Any tool can be used for evil as well as good, and in the goal of making sure that only allowed subjects taught in the allowed way is as much a crime as theft.

What both sides are doing is robbing our children of the chance to learn about the world they live in. Whatever the subject is the extremist’s goal is fraudulent on the face of it and it is about time people stood up against the strident and belligerent and told them where to get off. It means making an effort, an arduous effort, but in the long run it will be will worth it.

Learn what the local extremists are doing in your community and speak out against it. Support honest science, honest arts and humanities. Condemn lies and frauds wherever they may appear and work to remove the extremists from your local school board. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

Above all, don’t get discouraged. The frauds will work hard to discourage you and get you disgusted with the system. You get disgusted and quit they will win and your children will suffer for it. Just remember, if the extremists had anything going for their positions, they wouldn’t need to drive people out of the debate with lies.

This is a war for the future of the country and for the future of our children. Be prepared for a long and bitter war and know that the ultimate victory against ignorance and tyranny will be well worth it.

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