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Goodbye Katherine

For those of you who keep track of such things, here is why I removed Katherine “Aberwyn” Kerr from my LJ friends list; I can’t trust her.

I learned that Aberwyn is a shallow minded bigot who hates Glenn Beck. Not just disagrees with him, but out right hates him because of what she’s heard about him and what she thinks he stands for.

Now I disagree with Beck on a number of things, but I’m not about to attribute all sorts of crimes to him because of that. I try to take people as they are, and to make my disagreements known in a mature fashion. I cannot call Aberwyn’s accusations mature behavior. On the contrary, I find them childish and ill becoming an adult human being. Kerr has shown me that she cannot be trusted to behave as an adult, so I will not have any dealings with her.

And goodbye to Jeff of Protein Wisdom as well, for Jeff has also shown that he is unwilling to behave like an adult, having puerile little tizzies over how Glenn Beck presented his case. Jeff G says he can’t accept the message because of how it was presented. I say that is infantile and I say the hell with it.

My beef with both of them, and with David Brin of Contrary Brin, is that they are loath to engage in adult discourse, and to listen to people who disagree with them. That is the impression they have left me with, and why I will not approach them for any reason or with any arguments in support of my views. They don’t want to hear them, so why go so far as to make an effort? If the opposition doesn’t want to listen, what good does it do to speak to them?

So that’s why I won’t be reading Katherine Kerr, David Brin, or Jeff Goldstein any longer, they don’t listen and they exhibit a troubling bigotry towards people who disagree with them. I have enough troubles without ruining my day trying to persuade people who consider me a pustulent mass.

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14 comments to Goodbye Katherine

  • You behave like a pustulant mass, you get treated like one. ‘puerile little tizzies’, ‘behave like an adult’, ‘infantile’; project, much? Did you feel the irony slapping you upside your head?

    Jeff was not mistreating you one bit. You’ve stepped over the line with any suggestion that he did.

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  • JeffS

    Jeff Goldstein’s (not “Goldsmith”) response to the “Restoring Honor” rally is indeed troubling. The best case scenario is that he’s upset that Beck didn’t address the return to traditional American values by a non-traditional (i.e., secular, or classic liberalism) route. In other words, Mr. Goldstein is throwing a fit, as he’s been known to do now and then, for one reason or another.

    The worse case scenario is that Mr. Goldstein is indeed a bigot. I’d like to think not, as his discourses have long interested me. But it’s certainly possible; the evidence is there. Circumstantial evidence, to be sure, but still there.

    In either case, I can’t trust him any longer, as well. A pity, that.

  • JeffS

    Oops, “best casE scenario”. My bad.

  • I rather think Jeff was mild mannered in his disagreement – he thought that Beck had made a pitch half-way there on who it was to reach. I thought he simply differed in that making a religious awakening appeal was lost on those that were not receptive to a religious appeal, and was not needed for those that had not “lost the faith” to begin with… Methinks you are being a bit harsh. He certainly has not attributed any crimes to the man…

    • mythusmage

      Goldstein’s disagreement with Beck wasn’t the problem, the problem lay with his disagreement with me.

  • Windrider95

    It’s Goldstein…not Goldsmith.


  • Nonya

    I’m glad you went with “dear reader,” in the singular.

    Has a certain honesty to it.

  • bh

    “You’ll note, good reader, that politics is not Goldstein’s strong point.”

    Please flesh that out at length.

    After being unfamiliar with both his name and extensive oeuvre, I’m sure you’re hit on something this time.