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Better Bush than Obama

The mystery of Jerry Brown’s pension – OC Watchdog : The Orange County Register.

Ads have been running here in California claiming that Meg Whitman wants to sneak in Bush economics. As if that was a bad thing. Now, from the Orange County Watchdog blog we get word of a bit of sneakiness on behalf of Edmund G “Jerry” Brown. Mr. Brown is the beneficiary of a public pension funds that refuses to engage in any sort of transparency, or admit to any accountability. Mr. Brown is asking people to trust him, when he’s unwilling to trust people.

How much is he getting from that pension, is he even eligible for it? Would he be willing to forgo the pension in order to serve as governor? As things stand currently, Brown’s obstinacy in this topic says much about him, and leads me to conclude that the man is not fit to be governor of the state of California. I may not agree with all of Whitman’s policies, but at least we can hope she’s far more open than Brown is so far proving to be.

Folks, take this fact about Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown in mind come the November elections in California. He doesn’t trust you. Since he doesn’t trust you, why should you trust him

HT: Roger L. Simon via Instapundit

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