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But We Borrow From You

Pajamas Media » China’s Military Threatens America: ‘We Will Hurt You’.

Looks like China wants to blow a wonderful deal. According to the post linked to above Chinese military leaders are talking about war with America in ten years. Seems some people foresee a time when China will be able to take on the US militarily. What’s likely to happen?

Chinese assets in America are impounded. America itself is hit by a massive economic upset as billions in imports from China are lost. A lot of work now done in China gets moved to other countries, or returns to the US. Expect a fair bit of inflation as cheap goods disappear from American markets.

North Korea is toast, even with Chinese support. So is the Chinese navy. The Chinese air force can be expected to give us a fight, but not for long as American technical superiority dominates (the F35 is just starting to come on line, and that outclasses whatever the Chinese have coming up well into the future).

As for ground forces, I’d put my money on the US Army and Marine Corps. Our allies in the area outclass the Chinese as well, with South Korea leading the way, and countries such as Japan and the Philippines not far behind. We may even have Vietnam on our side.

As far as I can see, China has no chance of winning against the US now or anytime in the near future. War with China would cause a fair amount of upset in the American economy, but we would recover from that and go on to bash Beijing something awful.

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